About Us

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About Us

Life Right is a team of innovative and forward-thinking wellbeing practitioners who believe brain, body, and mind can work together in harmony to create longevity, good health, quality of life and happiness and that disease, injury pain and disability happen when there is an imbalance in this harmonious relationship.  Using their considerable knowledge, clinical expertise and experience, our team will work with you to resolve any emotional or physical issues that are preventing you from being as well as you can, or would like to be.

Our Clinic as well as our weekend Insight Events & Health Retreats are ideal for anyone suffering from anxiety, depression, stress, chronic pain, injury, weight issues, relationship matters, focus, motivation, and self-confidence.  Our scientifically structured programmes combine the essence of wellbeing and happiness principles with mind-control, physical excellence, personal insight, education, learning, activity, breathing, relaxation, mindfulness, meditation, detox, cleansing, and nutrition.

Leading our team is Lilly Wickham, a Clinical Trauma Psychotherapist & General Health Practitioner; fully experienced in a wide range of emotional, psychological and behavioural therapies including psychotherapy, NLPt, CBT, hypnotherapy, EMDR, narrative therapy, timeline therapy, brief solution-focused therapy, attachment therapy, couples counseling, family therapy and wellbeing.

Lilly is often called upon to lecture in commercial, voluntary and academic environments (including at Oxford) and has used her industry-informed skills and experience to put each Retreat together.  She is joined by Dr. Ian Wright (DC) who complements the holistic approach with his knowledge, experience and education in chiropractic, bodywork, rehabilitation, dynamic neuromuscular techniques, acupuncture and sports performance.  Together Lilly and Ian devise a programme that is individual and personalised to take you forward through physical and emotional blockages. They will also coach, treat, encourage and support you towards being the very best that you can, thus helping you to live a long, active, dynamic, happy and blessed life.

Lilly and Ian are joined by a team of holistic individuals who offer other therapies and treatments to compliment your wellbeing journey.

Established in 1999, Life Right has changed the lives of countless people, some of which have traveled from as far as Dubai, Hong Kong, Canada, Europe and the US to benefit from our Team’s expertise.

life right retreats staff Lilly Wickham


A very talented, highly skilled and experienced multi-practising therapist, Lilly specialises in a range of techniques including, psychotherapy, NLPt (master practitioner), hypnotherapy, EMDR, narrative therapy, CBT, timeline therapy, relationship counselling, grief counselling and more.  Lilly is a unique character  who is quite simply; amazing…  come see for yourself

life right retreats staff Lilly Wickham


Where Lilly looks after all emotional aspects of your needs, Ian (or ‘Cookie’ as he is better known) looks after the physical side.  A very talented chiropractor he also specialises in neuromuscular work, cranial-sacral therapy, ultrasound treatments, gait analysis, acupuncture and even swimming coaching too.  Cookie works closely with Lilly to provide holistic and joined-up treatments

life right retreats staff Lilly Wickham


Practice Manager Richie is responsible for the smooth running of the business & the back office operations.  He is also fully qualified as a massage therapist and offers remedial clinical massage treatments in addition to reflexology, Indian Head Massage, back, neck & shoulder treatments, full body massage and Japanese hand massage.

life right retreats staff Lilly Wickham


Karen is our House Manager, looking after all elements of the accommodation on our Health Retreats.  This covers everything from making sure you have what you need to assisting with the cooking, cleaning, serving, clearing, plus being a rather excellent shoulder to cry on and ear for listening.  She is a great asset to the team, is well read, travelled, quite wise (!) and really easy to talk to