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You can take a look at the forthcoming retreats here, or you will also find this information on our home page.
We have venues in the UK and overseas. If you take a look at our venue page, you will be able to see where we currently have availability

Our retreats in the UK offer 3, 4 or 5 day durations. In Spain you can come for 7 or 10 days.
Different retreats have different durations - please see our booking page for what is available. Whilst we appreciate some may be restricted by budgets, you can't really 'pop by' for a couple of days and expect to get much out of it so, if you are on a tight budget and you still appreciate the impact our wellbeing retreats will have on your life, have a look at our booking page and select one of the three or 4 day options

We hold retreats throughout the year, at UK and overseas locations including France, Spain, Majorca and Tenerife. You can have a look at our Booking Page to see what retreat is where...
We have a wide range of therapies including 1-2-1 sessions with the retreat creator Lilly for emotional issues, psychotherapy, emdr, hypnotherapy, NLPt, CBT and life coaching. She can help you with counselling, dealing with bereavement, weight loss, confidence, relationship issues, focus, relaxation and meditation. You can book with our physical expert who can help with all musculoskeletal issues, sports therapies, private coaching and acupuncture. For those times where you want some holistic indulgence, book a massage treatment. Our range includes full body, back, neck and shoulder, Indian head massage, reflexology, Japanese hand massage and our indulgent relaxation massage. You can browse all the extras available (together with the differing durations here)
The package price includes us organising all of your travel arrangements for you, your own en-suite accommodation, shuttle from the port (or airport) to the retreat, all healthy meals, caffeine-free drinks, yoga classes, meditation classes, interactive workshops, mindful walks, fun activities, use of the venue's facilities, healthy VitaRight blends, a 30 minute consultation with Lilly and a health assessment. You just need to pay for the basic travel costs and any sessions you wish to book with our practitioners
Sorry, this isn't possible as it is disruptive to the dynamic of the group. We have tried this in the past and it doesn't work...
Typically around 7 people and never more than 10, although with our large venues it never feels crowded, even at meal times.
You can either call us on 0207 112 8207 or book online via our booking page. Just click the link to go there
Yes they can. They will get a 10% discount on the regular room rate when sharing the room with you.
Please note that our master suites have a king size bed, rather than two singles pushed together. To add someone to your booking/room, please call 0207 112 8207 or email us via the contact page.
Once we have received your non-refundable deposit, we will activate your personal login page which will have all the info you need on it, including your financial account, travel arrangements, sessions available to book (and those you have booked), details of your return journey (so you can let others know) and also some forms we will need you to complete before you come. Between when you book and when you leave, you will also get plenty of emails with all the info you need but if you have any questions you are encouraged to contact us and we will be delighted to help. If you would like to book now, please click here
It depends on which retreat you go on so to be safe it would be wisest to bring yours with you.
Yes it is. On a Life Right wellbeing retreat you detox from many of the elements that can have a detrimental effect on your way of life and a mobile phone is definitely one of those for everyone, as is anything else that connects to the internet!! When you arrive, we ask you bring your charger with you and we will give you your phone or device back when we drop you at the port or airport. In the past, we've almost had to wrestle phones from people and yet the same people at the end of the retreat are happy not to have them back at all!
Detoxing is not just about food. When it comes to food, it's not about not eating, it's about eating the right things. Yes we do interval fasting on the retreat but this is only typically for 14 hours - the same as eating your dinner at 18:00 and then having breakfast at 09:00 the next day - it's not like we're fasting you for days! Believe us, your body will appreciate the time without food.
On your login page will be an emergency contact number so, should anyone need to reach you urgently they will still be able to do so. (and no, you won't be getting your phone back!)
On every retreat we have a team of people who look after you and one of their jobs is to ensure you are where you need to be and when, so don't worry about it, we've got it all in hand for you
If you have not been to one of our wellbeing centres before, Lilly will want to discuss your reasons for coming and your presenting issues, as each retreat is bespoke to not only those people on it, but the issues they bring with them - a contributor to the fantastic success we enjoy on each retreat we run. She will have a chat with you and also recommend which sessions you should book with our practitioners, after which you can add any that you would also like to have whilst you are with us
You can do this via your online login page which is activated when we receive your deposit/payment. There you will find a list of all that is available - you can just go through the list and book what you would like. We advise you to do this as soon as you have spoken to Lilly if not before, as there is always more demand for Lilly's time than there are available slots
You can browse the list of available treatments and sessions here
We will give you a full advisory checklist on your login page. Obviously a retreat in the UK in autumn is going to have a very different list to one in Spain in the summer, so please check your own login page for this info (when you book with us)
We don't publish this as each retreat is different depending on those attending and their presenting issues. We have also found in the past that others have tried to copy our programmes but lack the personnel and expertise! You can't blame them for trying but no-one can do what we do!
Wherever our retreat is, we will arrange all of the travel for you with our free Travel Concierge service. We book all the tickets you need and send you a full itinerary. We can arrange everything from door to door and with our group rate buying discounts, we can often save you money on regular rates too.
For the retreats which are based in the UK, we strongly recommend you come by public transport as, during the journey you will meet up with the other retreaters so you get a chance to 'bond' even before you get picked up by our shuttle bus. There are also other aspects of the retreat that you will miss if you are not travelling with the other retreaters. There is also the other aspect that, after a totally relaxing and chilled out retreat, the last thing you will want to do is travel back through rush hour traffic so to answer your question, we would recommend against it.
It's a health and wellbeing retreat, so have a guess!!
For UK retreats no, but for the overseas ones, yes
Your booking requires a £250 non-refundable deposit. The balance is due 8 weeks before the retreat. Please see the terms and conditions for all the info you need.
All retreat rooms are sold as 'sole occupancy' unless clearly shown otherwise so yes, you can expect to have your own room
From the day you go home you have a further 30 days email support directly from Lilly so you can continue to get help when you need it. We also set up a private closed group on Facebook for all those who are attending. Others cannot see anything about the group, so it's cool for posting photos, recipes and memories from your very special time on the retreat. If you upgrade to our Premier Package, you will also be entitled to a 10% discount on all treatments and sessions offered by the Life Right practitioners for a 30-day period. This includes Skype or FaceTime sessions with Lilly.
Of course. We call this 'personal time' and it's where you can either choose to have sessions with our practitioners or do whatever you want... read a book, go for a swim, go for a walk, have a nap... it's entirely up to you what you do in your personal time.
Yes we do... the ones that have availability are shown on our Booking Page. remember, with up to 9 places available on each retreat, these get booked up VERY quickly, so if you are thinking about coming on a retreat, don't leave it too long before you book as the places WILL go!
You can email us or if you prefer, you can talk to our team on 0207 112 8207 during office hours.
Hopefully you will have already read the terms and conditions of booking - the deposit is non-refundable and, depending on when you have to cancel, you may lose some or all of what you have paid.
We think so, but it depends on what makes you happy... Our retreats offer a high level of comfort and facilities however you can take it to the next level with the Premier Package which can include: A much larger room with King size bed A larger bathroom with bath & shower A range of organic toiletries & Lilly's own range of creams Early pre-retreat booking of sessions with Lilly A complimentary treatment session a cool 10% saving on all sessions and treatments for 30 days after the retreat either in person or via Skype/Facetime The upgrade costs between £25-£40 per room per night and for the exact upgrade package contents, please see the individual page for each retreat. You can visit the Premier Package upgrade page here
We have a large range of treatments and sessions, plus different durations too - these are all available on the 'Extras' page here

Stay in your own en-suite room...
4 days/3 nights from £775
5 days/4 nights from £1055
or 6 days/5 nights from £1295

Bring a friend to share your room...
4 days/3 nights from £550 each
5 days/4 nights from £755 each
or 6 days/5 nights from £920 each

inc. transfers from the port/airport, the entire programme, accommodation & 100% healthy & nutritious food


ANXIETY | DEPRESSION | lack of focus and MOTIVATION | BEREAVEMENT | RELATIONSHIP issues | chronic pain | BURN OUT | CRAVINGS | ADDICTIONs | bowel and digestion issues | insomnia I back and neck pain | SLEEP ISSUES


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