Described by those who have come as "the perfect Retreat" and consistently voted 5 stars, isn't it time you took time out for you on a Life Right Wellbeing Retreat?

As the UK's leading Psychotherapy-based Wellbeing Retreat, we believe that in order to be well our brain needs to communicate without fear or distress to our body, through our nervous system.

The filter of this is our mind, which is influenced by our beliefs, history and coping mechanisms.
Sometimes we get stuck and that’s when illness and poor choices hinder our happiness and wellbeing.

A Life Right Retreat is specifically designed to help retrain the brain, body and mind towards peace, balance and calm.

Our Retreats are located within a tranquil sanctuary on the Isle of Wight, selected Mediterranean and European destinations and, for those who love the English countryside, a stunning secluded Devon location often used for period drama film shoots

Set within a caring environment there is no interference from the outside world and this, together with the interventions from the highly experienced and skilled Retreat creator Lilly Wickham consistently deliver life-changing experiences for those who attend. Whether you are looking for a yoga retreat, a wellbeing retreat, a meditation retreat or somewhere that encompasses all of these, this is the place for you

A Life Right Retreat is perfect for anyone experiencing chronic pain, immobility or injury, depression, anxiety, lack of focus or motivation, sleep issues, weight problems, bereavement, relationship issues and loss of direction.

Our holistic approach combines Wellbeing, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, EMDR, Mindfulness, Yoga, Meditation, Chiropractic, Neuromuscular techniques, Acupuncture, Massage and nutritious and healthy food - all of which improve your physical and emotional health.

So, whether you want to take time out for you, change to a healthier lifestyle, move or breathe better, find your way again, combat anxiety, depression or low mood. or come to terms with a trauma, bereavement or loss, a Life Right Wellbeing Retreat is the right choice for you.

Your Retreat experience will be amongst a small group of people who all have the same goal - to change their current state (physical and/or emotional) and feel better in themselves. We offer the highest level of support and expertise to provide you with a life-changing experience on a Life Right Wellbeing Retreat.


- 08 SEPTEMBER 2017 -

Location: Isle of Wight, UK


...from fatigue, stress, loss, upset, bad habits, ill health and your life and come join us for a revitalizing and refreshing journey into better health, knowledge and information on how to keep yourself well against the challenges of life, work, relationships and poor choices




Good health is not a mistake and we have to take responsibility in how we look after ourselves in this busy, disposable lifestyle we all have.

Taking time out and looking at how we are doing against how we would like to be is important to stay well as long as possible.
Illness, poor health and injury can happen at any time in our lives, but is more likely to happen when we are not looking after ourselves.
On a Life Right Retreat, we have integrated all of the factors on this Wellbeing Wheel into a complete programme for emotional, physical and psychological good health. Everyday has a component of this for you to experience and to know what suits you and to take away choices and options that support your wellbeing wishes.
So expect a comprehensive and holistic approach to your goals and what you are presenting with from day one, as we will use our collective experience from the last 18 years in clinical healthcare and research to help and support you to better levels of happiness, focus, mobility, stamina, emotional resilience and peace of mind.

We believe that there is an intrinsic link between our gut bacteria, mood, brain health, inflammatory status and metabolic health: Our programme yields amazing results and evolves with every person we work with and every advance in science and clinical research we are blessed to put into practice.

You are in safe hands, allow us to join you on your journey and help effect a change to change your life!



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